Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm Baaaaack

On the ground, in Ecuador. Thanks to a Fulbright Scholar award I'm able to return to my dissertation site and carry out another season of field work. My university did a nice little write-up on the award:

So here I am, with my husband and infant son, hoping to identify ancient households and excited to revive my collaboration with the comuna of Dos Mangas. The blog will once again become half travelogue, half critical engagement with archaeological themes. As internet access can be hard to come by, this will also be my primary mechanism to let friends and family know what we're up to, and that we're still alive and well. I'll also add more details about the project goals once the initial craziness of settling in is over. More soon!


  1. Happy to be following your archeo-adventures in Ecuador again!

  2. Hello! Nice to meet you!
    I'm Karen from Ecuador, im a local and a "Comunera" also.
    I life in the way Manglaralto - Dos Mangas. I study anthropology.
    I heard long loooong ago about your research because I see some information on the interpretation center, but you where already gone :(

    It seams that you are back! :D Write me an email so we can exchange numbers