Dos Mangas

Dos Mangas...Mi Tierra.

Dos Mangas is located just 7km inland from the Pacific Ocean. It is easily reached by public transportation from the coastal highway. In Manglaralto there is a taxi stand with pick-up trucks that take you directly to Dos Mangas.

Once in Dos Mangas there is lots to see and do. Local guides will take you on ecological hikes to the river or waterfall. These hikes expose you to the flora and fauna of the coastal cloud forest, including innumerable chances for bird watching and an opportunity for a fresh water swim. You can also visit the archaeological excavations of a Valdivia village, one of the earliest cultures in the New World with ceramics and agriculture. A short hike past the archaeological site will take you into the territory of a troop of howler monkeys, who will gladly serenade you.

Howler monkey
Dos Mangas has a community-run hostel offering dorm-style housing (bunk beds), a common room, kitchenette, and indoor bathrooms. There are numerous meal options, including some small comedors operated by families, as well as a community comedor, operated by the Women's cooperative and located next to the Interpretation Center. Small tiendas dot the village, where you can buy snacks and drinks for the hikes.
Community hostel
Women working the paja
The path to the river

In addition to the ecological and archaeological offerings of the valley, Dos Mangas is also home to numerous artisans who work with traditional tagua and paja toquilla From jewelry to hats and purses, innovation is constant in this community, and you will often see styles of handicrafts that are not in use elsewhere.

If you are interested in planning a visit to Dos Mangas, for a day or a week, you can contact the community directly at to arrange for guides and accommodations.