Thursday, December 12, 2013

Show Us Your Ink!

In the way that many of the best(?) ideas do, #archaeologytattoos was born late one night when a few of us were chatting on Twitter.

We know you have them, and this is a chance to show them off!

Send me an email with a picture of your design - the information you share is up to you!

Things we'd love to know:

  • Who are you? Do you blog or tweet? Where do you live? What kind of archaeology do you do?
  • What inspired the design? We'd love to know not just the meaning of the image but the reason for having it permanently added to your body, too!
  • Who did the work? A work of art deserves credit to the artist, so please let us know who did the design and needle work. Recommendations for great artists are appreciated!
I'll collect submissions as they come in and prepare a post when we have a nice bunch, maybe shooting for then end of January? For those of you going to the SAAs in Austin, the good news is that the weather should be warm enough for us to show some of these off in person!

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