Saturday, March 13, 2010

What to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon..

...but change the entire look and layout of the blog! I've been searching around for a while, looking for something a bit more sleek and streamlined, and I think this will do (at least for the moment). The background photo is stock, but I'll change it just as soon as I figure out where it is in the HTML code. Oh, and notice that the little icon on the tab of your browser is no longer the Blogger "B"? That's a customized icon for this site only, in the shape of a broken trowel (if you remember this post). I may clean it up so more so that it's clearer, but I'm pretty tickled about the whole thing.

UPDATE- the background photo is now my own...a shot of a paja stand up in the montaña.


  1. Pretty cool. I used to manage our library's website, designing it and writing the html code. Now that the responsibility is someone else's I miss "playing" with that website, so I play around with my own site now.

  2. The blog looks great! i wish i knew how to do that stuff..... maybe when I get some free time...